Our mission is to truly enjoy Beijing through creating genuine and unique experiences.


Unique Experiences

We thrive in creating experiences like no other to ensure that you have an awesome time in Beijing.

A genuine desire for your enjoyment

Because if you're not having a good time, then neither are we! We want you to enjoy every moment and come back for more.

The extra

We're the type of people who turn up 2 hours early to make sure everything will go well and cook brownies because you're a legend and it's your birthday or ask some locals to say happy birthday stood in their speedos.

Most popular

Our most popular experiences include our award winning eBike tours. The reason being that riding an eBike is simply the best way to explore Beijing and see more with ease. These eBike tours helped us to be awarded the "Great Wall Hero" award in 2020, which was presented by Beijing tourism Bureau and the Beijinger for having a positive impact on peoples lives in Beijing.

eBike tours

Old Beijing - The Hutongs

Imperial Beijing

Modern Beijing

The Foodie #1

Jian zi Golf

We have the top branded eBikes, Niu which are safe, easy and fun to ride. Perfect for all, whether you have ridden an eBike before or it's your first time. If you can ride a normal bicycle, you can ride our eBikes. In fact, the majority of our guests have never ridden an eBike before.

All of our routes are carefully planned, however we are also very flexible as the best experiences are those that have unplanned events that happen along the journey. Each will show you our favourite parts of Beijing by allowing you to experience them for yourself with our guide who will not only ensure you have a great time, but also share interesting history, culture and more about Beijing and these special areas you will visit.

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Our years of experience makes us the ideal partner for your next project. We won't shy away from a challenge, but also know how to manage risks.

Great Wall Trips & Hikes
Jian Bing Workshop
Haunted eBike tour
Forbidden City, Summer Palace & Temple trips
Staycations & retreats
Jian Zi Golf
Ski trips
Mahjong Workshop
Walking tours


Gigi Wang

great tour and great guide. we had a really good time and we really enjoyed ourselves. my friends definitely wanted to come again and we would like to have a tour like this for our students to get more of old Beijing.


We did the eBike tour with Dominic through Beijing’s Hutongs. It was fantastic. Dominic is super kind and knowledgeable and very accommodating. Our kids aged 3 and 6 were with us and they loved it. The weather was great and despite most sites being closed due to the virus, it was lovely to get outside in the (relatively) fresh air and take a look around. I highly recommend this tour. Dominic took loads of pictures of us too so it was great to get shots of the whole family on tour. A really lovely day!

Kjirsten McOmber

This has definitely been my favorite experience and adventure in China! It is a very unique, fun, enlightening, and enjoyable way to learn about the culture here in China. The beauty that you will see in the Hutongs is incredible! Not to mention how fun it is to ride an E-bike! That is definitely the way to experience what it's like living in China! I would love to go again, I was smiling and laughing the entire time! It is so much fun! There is so much to see and experience on this adventure!! Our host (Dom) was fantastic and did a great job explaining and keeping things simple. Giving you just information but not droning on and giving you more than you need to know! I would definitely recommend pairing this experience with food! That will be the cherry on top.

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