A Day in Beijing - Wangjing

This series shows you how people enjoy spending a day in Beijing.


12/8/20221 min read

A day with Dom in Wangjing

Indoor rock climbing/bouldering
This bouldering wall is tucked 2 floors underground in Wangjing's biz district. You can buy day passes for 150 or buy a membership. I go for the 10 time passes which you can share with friends making it 108 per visit. If you’ve been before you may know how tiring it can be. You can easily spend a few hours there with breaks. Bring your laptop, book, or just have nice chill while recovering.

Location: Climb On Gym攀岩馆,Wangjing

Outdoor skateboarding
A concrete outdoor skatepark which takes me back to the old days and local skateparks in England. It’s a sweet spot and in a cool place. Great for skaters of all ages to get outside and skate for free. It's also good for roller blades, scooters & even small bikes or bmx.

Location: 望京公园滑板池, Wangjing

Korean Hot pot
Wangjing is well-known for its Korean community and having countless delicious Korean restaurants. If you already like Chinese hot pot, you’ve got to try this Korean hot pot! I personally prefer it and especially like the broth which is a nice soup starter as it’s warming up and throughout. Their chicken wings are a must also which come with a tasty kimchi sauce.

Location: 喇喇脊骨火锅(望京新城店),Wangjing

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