Beijing hutongs

The best of Old Beijing.

10/12/20221 min read

As Our Beijing was born in the hutongs, these areas of Beijing are where we feel most at home. This is why so many of our experiences are in the hutongs.

Most people define hutongs as alleyways in the old parts of Beijing, but they're so much more than simply alleyways. They're these unique communities full of good people, good food and an abundance of hidden gems. Often the most beautiful and cool finds in the hutongs are not easily noticeable, so I recommend that you switch on your inquisitive mind and don't be afraid to poke your head into a doorway or around a corner which may not look so welcoming. Of course you should still be polite and respectful of people living in the hutongs, as you're effectively in their front yard at points.

The hutongs are an incredibly social place with locals meeting outside to talk, eat, play games, or simply chill and enjoy people watching.

So get down to the hutongs today without a plan and just walk around. If you want to join our WeChat group where people often share cool things to do, eat and drinks in the hutongs, add our WeChat: ourbeijing

To be continued....