Jian zi golf

Firstly let's explain what a jian zi is. It is the feather hacky sack which has been an asian social game for over 2000 years. Usually you kick it together with friends in a circle for good exercise, fun times and to keep you healthy & happy. In some areas it's competitive and they play on a badminton like court and kick over the net.

We have taken this ancient game and given it a modern twist. Using our feet to kick the jian zi, we have planned an urban "golf course". You will kick the jian zi from the start, to the end goal. The person with the least kicks in total will win.

This game is perfect for team building and competitive fun between families & friends.

See an edit of the first ever round here:


Group size
4-22 people

2 hours


200rmb per person


Please let us know any questions you have, or if you'd like to work together. You can also contact us via the details at the footer of the website.